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Thanks everyone
He does seem to be settling in well so far & happy in his new home, I like to think my other boys T'ycor, Ziggy & Flynt are smiling down on him from the bridge wishing us well & glad to see their spot occupied again.

I forgot to mention his name means small star or bright spark in Quenya Elvish As per usual I went all round the houses with names but this seemed to really suit!

He's not much of a morning person so far but he gets up around 6:30 in the evening so we'll have lots of time together later & I'm sure there'll be plenty more photo opportunities, here are a few photos of his cage to be going on with.

He's really interested in his huge sand bath, a real novelty for him I'm sure

A nice big labyrinth house, I haven't disturbed him & peeked inside yet but he has two litter trays in there so fingers crossed!

This was a different set up but the same houses showing inside.

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