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Smile Tinw the brave!

So on Wednesday I went looking for a Russian boy & actually came home with what I went for, just for once
Lots & lots of Robos that were very hard not to look at, well impossible not to look at & so cute but I've had a Russian shaped hole in my heart for too long now so it wasn't so hard to stay focused!
I was totally spoilt for choice this time, I've never seen those tiny tanks teeming with quite so many hams!
This little guy caught my eye from the start though & as if he knew it jostled his way to the front of the crowd, then came & took my finger in his little paws, had an exploratory nibble bless him & totally won me over, when I asked him if he wanted to come home with me he almost seemed to be jumping up & down with excitement so I took that as a yes

By the time we got home which wasn't really long he had got so scared, I felt really sorry for him as he was clearly feeling the wrench from a little tank full of warm bodies to being all alone in a big new world, I opened the carrier & a little nose poked out at me & gave a shrill screech!
He was quite brave & had a little bit of an exploration before finding his way into his house & hiding away.
For the first day I could only speak to him from a little distance away from his cage before he'd turn tail & run for it but he gradually began to stay out & listen to the strange new voice for a little longer then on his first morning got really brave & took a couple of sunflower seeds through the bars before taking fright, he came back out soon after & was about to take a third one when he changed his mind, screeched loudly & bolted!
Tiny steps but speedy ones, by his first evening he was already sitting in my hand eating seeds! So brave
He is so tiny I can barely feel him when he sits in my hand! I forgot to ask how old he is, not that you ever get a very accurate answer but I would guess about 8 weeks.

As he was being so brave yesterday evening I decided to risk flashing the camera at him & he really didn't seem to mind at all.

Sitting in his food bowl shows his colours off best I think although he still looks a bit browner than he is, he's more shades of silvery grey with black & white.

I didn't see him in his wheel the first night & was wondering if it might be just a bit big for him to start with but he gave me a good demo yesterday then posed nicely for the camera

He loves his toothbrush! So much so I took it away yesterday evening after seeing how much he'd munched through the first night, I'm sure he wasn't happy about it but I don't want him having too much just yet.
He's munching on a sunflower seed here but I think you can see how he's been chomping on that chew!

He finally went all camera shy so I decided enough was enough for his first day bless him

I haven't seen much of him this morning but he did have a little nibble of my seedless fingers & hand (oops sorry Tinw!) so I don't think yesterday's bravery was a one off
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