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Default Re: Molly's scratching any ideas

I didn't know they could have cashew nuts, Hazel nuts and walnuts. Molly likes pine nuts but I believe they are quite fattening so she only gets them once is a while as a treat. Any idea if the other nuts are fattening at all. Thanks for Google ing the burgess granola I couldn't find it. It is interesting what companies think is a good food. I haven't been able to find the ingredients of the beaphar gerbil food so will have to order it early so I can write a list and find out what she's not keen on. I was advised by the vet(on a previous gerbil) to only feed every other day so that she eats the things she's not keen on which I do. Hopefully it will mop most of the nutrients up that way but a few extra treats certainly won't go amiss.
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