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Default Re: Moving his bits about

Originally Posted by Serendipity7000 View Post
I'm sure I answered this question before a couple of weeks ago lol! Is there something going on with the site?

Anyway - yes hammies do like to rearrange things in their cage sometimes. Moving the door of his igloo to the back is probably wanting a bit of darkness or privacy. Those igloos are nice but let the light in as they're transparent kind of. Moving his bowl sounds interesting! Moving his nest sounds like he's unsettled. Maybe he is looking for somewhere nice and dark to build a nest (if not in the igloo). You could try putting a cardboard box in - eg a shoe box - with a hole cut in for a door - and a bendy bridge over the door - I bet he'd love that and wouldn't move his nest again. If you cut the bottom out of the box so it is sitting on the substrate he can hoard under the substrate as well - and keep the lid of the shoebox as a lift off roof - so you can check inside his house without his nest collapsing.

They also sometimes move nesting area if their nest or hoard has been disturbed or removed, so go easy on cleaning. Just spot clean mainly and only do partial cleans - maybe once a month or even less. So by partial cleans I mean - don't clean the substrate and toys at the same time and only replace about the top third of the substrate and mix it in with the old bottom half of substrate so it still smells familiar. Then on a different week clean the toys and a different week clean the wheel, and just empty the potty as and when (if he has a potty it will save on cleaning too).
Oh i'm so sorry you're right i did ask i conpletely forgot because he stopped and did it again
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