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Default Re: Molly's scratching any ideas

Thanks for that information. The plan now is the check what Molly eats. I'm going to give her a choice of all her
Foods and see what she takes first (I'm pretty sure she'll take the pumpkin and sunflower first. Once she's done that the next time we will give her the same choice with those removed and see what she eats. We're going to do that until we get to the food she turns her nose up at! In theory this is what she will leave each time. Molly loves hay her favourite is oat hay by oxbow. She does eat all others but that's her favourite. I'll try her on a mealworm Rosie and Daisy have in their food as she's never had them in hers before I go out and buy it. Hopefully we will then cover everything she needs in her older years.
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