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Default Re: Difference between hamster and other rodents (newbie q's)

AmityvilleHams, cypher:
Thank you so much for your replies! You gave some some great starting points to find out more about hamsters!

I live in Sweden, and the minimum cages allowed sound super tiny. My gerbils have a 300l glass tank, that I generally fill up with A LOT of substrate material (peat in their case). What's the smallest cages recomended for a hamster to actually be happy in, gerbils generally need at least 100l since they run around and dig a lot.

Do hamsters also dig tunnels? I saw a YouTube video about hamsters being burrowers, but all the cages I've seen have had very little substrate and lots of random tunnel toys. Which is best?

From your answers I've gathered a shallow cage with more floor area is better than a deeper cage with less floor area, that's something I didn't know before! Makes is easier to chose a good cage!

I think that I'll be getting a lone hamster if I do get one since I don't think I would be able to handle two of they start fighting (I don't have the funds or storage to keep a spare cage on hand in case I'd have to sepparate them). What can I do to make sure it gets all its social needs met?

I would also be getting one from a breeder. My gerbils are resques, and I love them! But they can be pretty wary of humans too. So I'd wanna get one that would be easier to tame.
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