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Cut the tape about 1-2 inch in length. Place it portrait against the gap with excess hanging off the bottom, this part folds underneath to the other side. (Do this for all of the holes on the bottom half, the hamster can't reach the top)

You should now be able to stand the structure up, it can be made into different shapes but make sure you overlap the end squares when setting up the playpen. Secure them with two pegs on each metal corner of the overlapped squares

(This is one corner, the other is on the right but I didn't get a picture of that!)

You should now have a fully functioning playpen! Very large too!

One amazing thing I love about this is that it folds up into a neat, easily storable stack!

Hope you all find this helpful. I'm awful at describing things so I hope the pictures explain a bit too! Let me know if you decide to do this, I think it's great

Myrcella having fun in the playpen for the first time (I need some more playpen toys, any ideas are appreciated) It takes up the whole floor space in my room!

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