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Default Re: Larry-Jasper's thread

Jasper came out for cuddles this morning. He is convinced I am a giant treat that he can chew on, but he doesn't bite hard. I am struggling to find treats he likes though. Any clear winners with other hams? I've got an idea for a hamster safe lasagne so I think I'm gonna try that out later - if it works I'll create a thread about the recipe.

We had play pen time yesterday. His favourite part was nearly scaring me to death by going in places and holes he shouldn't - he was on my desk. Larry-Jasper loved running through all his different tubes, especially those brightly coloured extendable ones.

He's eating and drinking normally and he really likes seeds. He is a very active little hamster and seems to wake up in the day a lot for a climb and a run on his wheel. Unfortunately, this means he doesn't really wake up properly until about 11 or 12 at night, but I am normally awake this late.

I think that's all my updates so far - sorry they're a bit boring; my life isn't very interesting lol.

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