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Default Re: Humans eating mealworms!

Smarties here in the states are nothing at all like M&Ms LOL here Smarts are what is called Sweet Tarts in other places where M&M are candy coated Milk chocolate that was known for not melting in your hands. They were originally created so the Military personal could enjoy a bit of sweet while on the war zone as with the candy coating M&Ms would stay solid even in heat. Though they do indeed do this the candy coating melts on your hands making a colorful tie dyed effect on the hand which is a bit sweaty or moist LOL. I like the original brand which was solid milk chocolate inside the candy coating but M&M/Mars has went a bit crazy of late and now has many many different varieties including Peanut,Pretzel,Crispy,Peanut butter, and Almond. Just recently they have added Honey Nut,Coffee Bean, and Chili Nut where you can vote on which is your favorite new flavor.
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