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Default Re: Feeding Hamsters with Missing Teeth or Who Are Elderly

That's a nice recipe - and doesn't need chewing too much - excellent.

I've found some more products that might help avoid lots of crushing (I was going to buy a pestle and mortar or a nut grinder but saw these instead

The same manufacturer also sells Linseed and other seeds already milled - I got the Linseed one in Holland and Barrett. And I think they do a milled nut one as well.

Plus Boots sell their own brand baby porridge (a packet of dry mix which is organic oats and millet porridge with dried banana and apple). And their own brand baby rice - also dried powder.

I also found this coconut powder to make coconut milk for porridge and cereals. It means there isn't the dairy issue and coconut milk is supposed to be high calorie, and this one is the proper one.
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