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Default Re: Feeding Hamsters with Missing Teeth or Who Are Elderly

I thought I would share this little recipe I came up with to ensure Sherbet could enjoy a birthday cake on her 2nd Birthday (31st May). This method was created so even hamsters that are missing teeth or are having difficulties eating can still enjoy a special birthday treat but this can also be given to any hamsters for their birthday or any other special occasion.

Birthday Cake
I was initially on planning to make Sherbet a birthday cake with her favourite vegetable, carrots, but I soon realised I didn’t have any carrots, so I had to use banana instead. But this recipe can be adapted to use your hamster’s favourite vegetables or a piece of fruit can be used in the place of the banana. This recipe requires no cooking and takes around 5 to 10 minutes to make.
Ingredients – 1 ˝ tsp of Porridge Oats, Mashed Banana (a slice), boiled water, grated walnut, crushed Sunflower seed hearts, and a finely chopped choc drop

Method – Put 1 ˝ tsp of porridge oats into a small bowl, then add enough boiled water to make a thick porridge (allow to water to cool slightly before adding). Into the porridge add the mashed up banana (or your chosen mashed/grated vegetable or fruit), crushed sunflower seed hearts, grated walnut, and then thoroughly mix together. Once all the ingredients have been incorporate form the porridge into a cake shape using a spoon and place onto a hamster-sized cardboard plate, cut out from a piece of cardboard. To finish of your hamsters birthday cake sprinkle with the choc drop or any other treat, I only used about half of the choc drop and gently push into the top of your cake.

Finally give your hamster’s birthday cake to your hamster and watch them enjoy. This birthday cake is approved by Sherbet, who even licked the little cardboard plate clean. Here is a photo of Sherbet enjoying her cake on the her birthday last Tuesday, more photos of Sherbet enjoying her birthday are on my other thread (All About My Sherbet)
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