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Default Re: Feeding Hamsters with Missing Teeth or Who Are Elderly

Good point there. I think most Uk homes have combi boilers these days, which is instant hot water and no tank in the loft/attic. I don't understand how they work exactly so it may or may not matter lol. But I still like the idea of only using water from the mains - ie the cold tap downstairs. Lol Willow's Mummy - you have just reminded me why some people used to brush their teeth at the kitchen sink! We were always told not to swallow the water if we brushed our teeth upstairs.

Anyway - so sorry SKB we went off at a tangent there. The main thing is - it is an excellent reference for feeding when hams have difficulty eating and I have picked up some great tips from it. Sherbet is very lucky you are giving her such thoughtful care.
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