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Default Re: Feeding Hamsters with Missing Teeth or Who Are Elderly

Re the water- the plumbing in the UK and the States will differ due to UK heating with radiators and USA/Can heating with forced air, and the style of house. Most Uk plumbing will have an attic tank that gravity feeds toilets, hand basins, showers and the boiler and radiators. The only tap that you can be sure is off the mains is the kitchen cold. You should never drink the cold in the other taps. The attic tank is not sanitary.
The States, at least in the west in bungalow/ranch type detached houses, will have a hot water heater that should be part of a closed system so is not as bad but might taste funny. It is more likely the cold taps will all be mains fed. Lead pipes are another issue entirely and do not matter if cold or hot, lead is lead.
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