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Default Re: Feeding Hamsters with Missing Teeth or Who Are Elderly

Thanks. At first I was soaking the pellets and it took ages which didn't help when I was busy, and I was trying to mash up pellets which were still hard in the centre. I only considered crushing the pellets when the vets gave me a powdered food mix to try (which Sherbet didn't like), so I thought it might be easier to crush the pellets, so I've made up a batch of crushed pellets all I need to add a spoonful to a bowl and add water and in less than 5 minutes it ready. Also I feed some to Sherbet crushed up as well which she also enjoys. I also use crushed porridge oats to make a smoother porridge for her.

I've just been trying to come up with ways to enable Sherbet to eat her normal food even though she broken her top teeth. I tried experimenting with whimzees but I can't find a way that works as grating them makes a fine dust.
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