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Default Re: Feeding Hamsters with Missing Teeth or Who Are Elderly

I was going to say the say the same thing about tap water, here in the states several areas have contaminated water, with lead or other problems from the pipes.

I use a Briter water pitcher with filters. I change the filters out every 3 months and it tastes ok but I notice that water from the 7-11 convenient store has filtered water and ice which tastes much better than mine. I might start using the 7-11 water eventually, or bottled water.

Chloes 19th anniversary with me was just a few days ago and she has always had the Brita water filter with no problems. Other than a lump that seem benign as she's had it for a long time now with no problems so far so good.

This thread has got me reconsidering my water situation as I want the best for them
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