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Default Re: My hammys been sleeping under a piece of toilet paper!

Oh good point - maybe he's looking for somewhere cool. Actually our hammy did that once - he dragged loads of substrate inside his house leaving a bare patch right down to the cage base lol. I think 3 to 4" minimum depth is recommended but obviously hams can move this around ha ha. I put about 6" in but my cage has narrow bar spacing so it doesn't fall out. 4" would be about right probably.

They do have some funny little habits. It could be an idea to pop a shoe box or small cardboard box in open to the substrate at the bottom, with a hole cut in for a door then he has somewhere dark to go if he wants and might nest in there - but you never know maybe he likes sleeping in a tent lol.

That does look like a silent spinner - and plenty of people have had problems with them in the last year!
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