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Default Re: Are these the Kaytee lab blocks?

They should be,but I'd recommend Mazuri instead as they are a much higher quality : Mazuri Rat & Mouse Food, 2 lbs. : Pet Supplies
That's the Mazuri one,which can be purchased through Mazuri directly as well as Petco with Mazuri being cheaper to go through their actual website.

I actually did a bit of digging and as it turned out Mazuri was somewhat better quality than Harlan!Kaytee is the absolute last resort when it comes to lab blocks,to be honest.

No lab block is necessarily good on its own though,and simply having added treats and things isn't good either.The best option is to combine Higgins Sunburst Hamster and Gerbil in a 60/40 ratio with 6 grams of Higgins and 4 grams of Mazuri,which gives the best nutrition and quality of any available US products.
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