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Default Re: Photos No Longer Showing Up

Originally Posted by pinkneon View Post
I usually upload the photos as attachemnts so do I need to resize it still? Cos they always look small once they are like that! Lol
Yes I think you will need to resize your photos as I upload my photos as attachments too which as I have learnt that they use up lots of space on the forum, also I found out when you resize them to 500 pixel wide instead of them having a file size of 92.0kb they are now only around 20.0 to 30.0kb which leads them to be uploaded quicker.

Also by my pictures being very large file size this might of been the reason that they weren't showing up. Also as you mentioned some of your previous post that some of your pictures weren't showing up in some of your previous threads this might also be the reason they weren't showing up anymore. So I would recommend resizing your photos to.
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