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Default Re: Why did you start breeding?

I'm still very new to being a breeder, I have only had one litter so far and that was last year in october/november time. They were born on the 04/11/15. I became a breeder because I wanted to help create healthier animals than those in pet shops. It's dramatic how much of a difference there is to hamsters from pet shops to those in shows. It's a hobby of mine, and before I was introduced to the hamster community I had no hobbies at all, now I have quite a few. I've also made a couple of amazing friends through breeding hamsters, and it's so great being able to talk hamster-lady like to them, because no one else seems to understand haha. I also want to educate people on how to care for hamsters properly, and the more people that know the more the word spreads and hopefully one day pet shops will be filled with larger cages and more appropriate things for hamsters.
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