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Default Re: ~ The Signature Shop ~

Originally Posted by SKB_Hamsters View Post
Hello, could you please make me a signature

* What colour scheme you want – Orange
* What text you want, and any particular fonts you would like – Text I would like the names of my hamsters beneath their picture. Instead of my whole username can you just use SKB in any simple font not any think to fancy
* Any pictures you want on – Pictures are linked below they should be in order starting with my current hamster Sherbet, and then my past hamsters, Toffee, Cookie, Cotton, Caramel and Honey.
* Any particular themes you want (hearts, stars, spots, girly etc.) – would prefer spots but don’t mind any
* Anything extra you want to include, or that I should know!
Can SKB be put between the photo of Sherbet and Toffee, or if there isn’t room leave SKB out completely so all my hamsters pictures are included.
I would like if Sherbet was on the left and then my other hamsters on the right in the order stated above.
Could I have their pictures in circles and their names beneath and for Toffee, Cookie, Cotton, Caramel, and Honey pictures could I have halos above them please?

Thank You
Hope you like it

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