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Default Re: ZZ2 or Maxi Duna?

I haven't seen the Alexander. I guess if a hamster is going to chew through a base they will do it. I've seen Zoozones and Duna Multy's with holes chewed through the base as well (photos that is). In that case it would need to be a glass tank. Some people have even had hamsters chew the inner bars and end wood pieces of a detolf.

If Willow is definitely a chewer I would try and go with a glass tank. Tricky as they are so expensive unless you can find a used 4 foot fish tank on ebay.

Or for a cheaper option, a detolf and be prepared to take the bars out if necessary (which would mean siliconing the glass panels into a tank) and meshing inside the wood end pieces - which to me sounds like too much hassle.

What does Willow chew most at the moment? Wood? Bars? Plastic? And what kind of cage is she in at the moment?
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