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Default Zeki's Thread - new man in my life

The place where all my boys have lived has been empty for too long now, it just makes me miss Flynt & the other boys even more but now it has a new little man making himself at home

I've been in touch with the pet shop where I got Whisper a few times & knew he had two Chinese that had been there since January, it breaks my heart to think of them stuck in those tiny tanks with nothing to do for so long Took me a while but I finally managed to get some transport & went to pick one up today, wish I could have brought them both home but sometimes my head has to rule my heart so just the one!
I thought I'd have more trouble choosing but his little face was just "Me, me, me!"
He's about 17 weeks now which means he was born around the time Flynt went to the bridge which is nice, hasn't been handled much at all in that time so taming may be a bit of a challenge, but then I do like a challenge
I nearly lost him getting him out of the carrier into the cage oops! so I think he was a little stressed to say the least & dived straight into his house but was soon back out again & had to explore absolutely everything in a typically Chinesey way including his wheel, that was a novelty lol! then he went back into the house & I could hear lots of digging sounds as he began to make himself at home in there.
Had to laugh at the mini fitch mountain that appeared outside the door in next to no time at all
I'm leaving him in peace to settle now, think he's finally asleep but managed to grab a few blurry shots, here's two of the better ones.
He hasn't named himself yet but when he does & he's had time to settle I'm sure he'll have his own thread

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