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Default Re: Cage tour of 100cm Barney cage

That's interesting as Charlie's current house is about the same size as the Leif house (although taller) but just one big space inside. I do think putting a partition in it could be a good idea though, as otherwise there's not much of a division between his house and his potty. I think you're right that it would need to be very big to work effectively and the Rodipet and Getzoo Syrian ones are pretty big for a 100cm cage. Sounds like the Getzoo one would work better but I'd still rather they were taller.

The main issue with his current house is only having the one door at one end, which means he has to trample down part of his nest to get in and out of the door, so the good thing about the lab houses is having a separate entranceway separated from the nest, and two doors. I kept looking at the Rodipet one and wanting to knock panels out though lol. A diy one would probably be best. Shannon's looked good! It was taller and less/bigger compartments.

Spike does look adorable in there though! And I bet his nesting area is nice and dark with no door near his nest.
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