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Default Re: Cage tour of 100cm Barney cage

You read my mind Cypher! The Rodipet one I liked hasn't been in stock for a while either (the biggest one) - just the version with the terracotta bowl on top. Which is nice, and could be useful for getting the potty in and out without having to remove the whole roof (there' quite a big hole under the terracotta dish), but would restrict what is currently on his house roof so would mean more slight layout changes (which would be a bit much right now). I really like the Getzoo one you have and think the layout for that size is better than the layout on the larger Zany one. On the larger one there is no direct entrance from the entrance passage - the ham has to go all the way round to the ladder passage to get in the main compartment. Also the hoarding bit under the ladder has a much narrower top to it than it does on the small version. I like the idea about not bothering with the ramp. I think the previous Rodipet labyrinth house would have been better, as you could leave the centre section out of that one. I'm not going to rush into changing the house just now, as whichever one I got would need stilts on it to keep it at the height his current one is - although have sourced the petsafe wood glue that the germans use to attach the stilts! I really like the layout of your Getzoo house - just wish the bigger one had the same layout! I actually think the separate rooms/hoarding places would be better for Charlie as his nest and hoard and potty all get a bit intermingled in his current large open space - providing the nesting room is big enough. I reckon the larger compartments must be about 16cm by 13cm. His current nest (the actual nesting bit not including the hoards is slightly bigger than that but not by much.
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