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Default Re: Preparing for my hamster

That's a good point! I was just imagining yesterday how the Barney might be good for a dwarf in future and how I would set it up differently for that Talk about thinking ahead lol. Charlie's only just moved into it. I think you'd need quite a few extra shelves and make virtually a full level, like in the Alexander. The ranch house cages shelves are easy to fit. They come with the screw thread already in the shelf and they supply the right sized screws and washers with each shelf - you just put the washer on the screw and put the screw through the bars into the hole in the shelf. Very easy. You can buy different sized shelves separately or they sell packs of various sizes.

The shelves all have rounded edges so there are no sharp corners. So for example this one you select the size you need. It's 25cm deep (say for the opposite side to the supplied shelf and if you select 20" wide (50cm) or 21" wide (about 52.5cm) it will almost be the depth of the cage - you can fill gaps with smaller shelves over them.

25cm Deep Solid Pine Shelf Platform Ferret Chinchilla Guinea Pig Degu Rat Cage | eBay

I actually think it would be quite hard to make a full level with different shelves in a cage that size, and could work out quite expensive too. But you could always get someone to make one the right size, with a hole in the middle for access, out of plywood. ie two shelves 52cm by about 40cm so you'd just have a gap of 20cm down the centre, then put a couple of wood ladders across them at the front and back, leaving a 20cm by 20cm hole in the centre for a ladder or tube to go up and something over the hole so they can't fall from the top right down the hole and land on the ladder.
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