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Default Re: Keeping two robrowski hamsters together

Hi Sally. Your right to be concerned, but all in all, if you don`t go mad with full cage cleans and re-arranging their layout which could stress them, they should be okay and stable for a while unless one decides the other is not needed anymore and begins an onslaught of bullying. It`s good that you have a spare cage at the ready so if in doubt at any stage, don`t hesitate to split them up. I wouldn`t be hasty right now though if they are happy enough. Play the rules for keeping a pair like only spot cleaning, don`t clean all the accessories at the same time, scatter some food about, try and have open spaces and nothing they can entrap each other inside.

Have a read though many of the Roborovski posts in their own section to get some useful feedback and what may have been asked before regarding pairs and separations. Watch their behaviours and interactions daily. Try if you can to have their cage in sight at all times. Aggression usually happens during the night, but not always. Constant chasing by one robo against the other that appears as if she is trying to grab her rear end/bite it, can mean trouble. If they are only having little paw fights and squabbles but nothing major, I would just keep an eye on them for any escalation. x
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