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Default Re: Preparing for my hamster

You look to have a good selection of toys and supplies there! Someone with dwarf hamsters may advise more on the houses, but I'd say not the first one - it needs to have an open floor and sit on the substrate really (better for nesting/hoarding and easier for cleaning). Have you seen the Leif labyrinth houses? They are popular and a good size for a dwarf hamster, plus they have a lift off flat roof for checking the hamster, and can double up as a platform/shelf.

It's sold at Amazon and Zooplus - not sure about pets at home

Trixie 6201 Natural Living Leif Labyrinth House 35 11 25 cm: Pet Supplies

Is your wheel a Silent Spinner or the Pets at Home look alike Silent Spinner?!! Silent spinners don't spin very well these days.
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