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Here's the video. There are two or three on my list with big front doors

They are all 80cm cages though, with the big front doors, but if you want a 100cm one with a big front door, there's this one on German Amazon. In fact there's a 120cm version of it too! It has 7mm bar spacing but near the top there's a gap of about 1cm, if that matters.

Skyline 2423 Speedy Gonzales Nagerkäfig, 100, bordeaux / schwarz: Haustier

Skyline 2983 Speedy Gonzales Nagerkäfig, 120, blau / schwarz: Haustier

Incidentally, there is also this Borneo cage which Cypher has, and we reckon it's identical to the Skyline one. The base is a different colour, that's the only difference, and it's cheaper! (About £50 converted from euros I reckon).

Mäuse- und Hamsterkäfig BORNEO "L": Haustier

There's also this one on German Amazon. It's a two tier 100cm cage. The bottom cage has a large front door.

Mäuse- & Hamsterkäfig CARLOS: Haustier

I wish they made a 120cm Exo Terra - I'd buy that like a shot lol.

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