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Default Re: Is this hammock hamster safe?

A sputnik could be difficult to hang in a tank - probably not possible. I have to say Charlie likes the roof toys to sit under - they feel safe sitting under something - a shelf would do the same thing though. The downside to hanging toys and hammocks as well is it makes it difficult to see under them to spot clean or find the hamster.

I did see a hamster hammock/swing made from half an egg box hanging by sisal string, which could be fun. It would need to hang fairly low in case the hamster chews through it. I like the idea of a hammock but not something that swings too much or injuries could happen if they fly out. As Cypher says, some people make a kind of fixed hammock with a grass chill n chew mat and zooplus make a grass hammock, but those probably aren't available in the US.

As you have a tank you could probably do more with low level hides and toys due to having the height for deeper substrate.
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