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Default Re: Has anyone read Hamster Care books by Dr Anne McBride?

I ordered a sample of the book and shes already wrong on page one as she gives the upper limit for syrian size as 150g lol

Paging Bec to the thread, you need to show this lady Tuna Chops!

She also uses the term "Russian dwarf species" which is incorrect, as well all know there is no Russian species, just the winter white, Campbells dwarf and their hybrids.

I don't really want to spend 4 to read the whole thing but the quality of writing is a bit... Childish? Which I guess mught be fine for an actual child. Most of what's written in the first pages is nothing special and she doesn't actually give numbers for cage size or anything, just vague "enough space" generalisations. And you can probably find all the necessary information on forums like this one.

In short, I think get her a HC account instead of the book.
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