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Default Re: Smokey's DIY cage

Thank you RubyDG yes I wanted to make sure she could dig safely! She certainly seems to be appreciating her new space, she's got more to do in here.

Thank you Serendipity! I'm trying to keep my room a bit more 'grown up' so it's nice to have something that kind of blends in more as well as giving Smokey more room.

Thank you Kiki_3173! Ha ha well my DIY skills are quite basic so it's not all totally perfect but I am pleased how it came out anyway!

Thank you Penguin! I like her to be able to come and go during playtime as I feed her most of her food during playtime, I hide and scatter it among her toys and also put bedding out for her, so she like to gather it up and make several trips home with it. I used the bars from my budgie's old cage, he got a brand new home not long ago!
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