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Thank you all so much for sharing your pics and stories, keep them coming!

Originally Posted by Shannonmcn View Post
I do not have a dog due to silly things like "responsible decision making" and "no money" but I do love dogs! I love seeing Alfie too, he has the sweetest little face and you can tell just looking at him that he is very happy and well loved :3

I can post my Nannys dog, his name is Indy and he is a runty purebred cocker spaniel who was given away for a 50 "adoption fee" (instead of the 300 his siblings were going for) because his back legs were underdeveloped. He still can't do stairs or jump on the sofa by himself. I love him and he loves me because I am the only one up for snuggles 100% of the time even when he smells very spaniely or has soggy ears. He is a floppy, kissy, needy mess of a dog, he's the best.

He spent 4 days with us recently while my Nanny was on holiday and we had a great time.
''No money'' is the direct result of having a dog for me, I'd be rich without pets!

Indy is beautiful, and looks very cuddly and snuggly!

Originally Posted by DrKMcK View Post
Ooooo...ooooo.oooooo. Me! I do!
I remember Alfie. He's a gorgeous little guy, with a fantastic haircut. . You have some really wonderful photos of Alfie with the most amazing background scenery. I do understand how they get to be so very important in our lives. I couldn't be without my Yoda. Yoda's a Chihuahua who was abandoned on the street at 3 years old. His first owners deserve a really hard smack in the head for that one. Who throws a 6 pound dog out on the street?
But Yoda's only sign of those days are a notch in his ear.
I found him at the rescue in my area and I had lost my Lab/Shepard/ Chow mix a month earlier as she was sick and old and failing badly. I had her helped to the Bridge. One week later I had a heart attack. Once I returned home and went back to work I found it crazy lonely when I walked in the house, so I left work early one Friday and went to the rescue. I told them I wanted a dog no more than 10 pounds and I didn't care how old it was or what the breed was. Out they came with this scared Chihuahua. I looked at him...he looked at me...and the dog they told me was shy leaped into my lap. I looked at his little worried face and his ears and saw "Yoda" from Star Wars looking back at me. That was his name from then on.
I spent over $500.00 on clothes, food and other things he needed over the next few days and had a ball doing it too. He settled in so well and was a fast learner. Yoda is a great watchdog. I hate to admit this...but I love Amazon and I do all my shopping through the internet. I get enough packages that Yoda knows the UPS, USPS, and the FedEx trucks, which amazes the drivers because I am standing there before they get anywhere near my door. . I am hard of hearing, so Yoda knows to come get me if someone is at the door. All my dogs pick this up on their own. They are amazing creatures. He keeps me company and he's a talking point when we are outside. He gets along with all the hammies and has 3 cat buddies in the yard. I let him out and they come running to him. Yoda sleeps with me under the covers, and there is nothing funnier than his head popping out from the blanket in the mornings. I love him to pieces.

PS The first photo is my lovely Lady. The rest are Yoda...and friend.
We're very lucky where we live. Lots of lovely countryside right on our doorstep, we can walk for miles without seeing a soul (except the odd flock of sheep or herd of cows!).

Yoda sounds very lucky to have found you, and vice versa.

Originally Posted by sugarsmummy View Post
Alfie is adorable! Here's my Syd! Boxer, 11 years old, loves ham and long walks on the beach at sunset.
Syd is a sweetie! There's something extra special about the oldies.

Originally Posted by kelza View Post
All such cuties! Here is Wistala (Tala for short), my sweet little Japanese Chin.
What a pretty little dog! You don't see many Chins about at all.

Originally Posted by virtualkeith View Post
This is my friends dog. I don't have a yard for a dog.
Your friends dog is lovely!

I don't have a yard/garden either, I live in a flat. Just means lots of extra walks for Alfie though

Originally Posted by cypher View Post
No dogs in my life any longer but here's a really old shot of my much missed rescue greyhound Holly, he was a very special friend & so loving & trusting in spite of having a terrible time & awful injuries before being rescued. He was a real inspiration & a huge part of my life for a long time.
I would love an ex-racing Greyhound someday, they're always such sweetie and gentle dogs. Holly looks beautiful.

Originally Posted by Piebald View Post
OOO Somewhere I can talk about my doggie? You may regret it lol.
I'm at work but when I get home I'll post some pics of my lovely 3-legged greyhound I found dying at the side of the road. She is the sweetest creature ever and I'm with cypher abou the inspiration of these amazing dogs.
I will never get bored of dog talk, believe me! Looking forward to seeing pics of your grey.
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