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Default Dogs!

C'mon, there must be lots of dog owners here, please share some pics and a bit about them!

I've posted a lot of my boy before, but here he is again!

His name is Alfie and he's a West Highland White Terrier. After nagging for a dog since I was old enough to even say the words, I got him as a present for my 12th birthday.

He was 6 weeks old and shouldn't have even been away from his mum, but my parents weren't dog folk and didn't know better, and nor did I back then. We've learnt together, making plenty of mistakes along the way, but he is solely responsible for kick starting my passion for dogs and the life I now lead which more or less revolves around dogs. He's my best friend (and at times my only friend), he's my soulmate, my sidekick, pretty much my everything.

He is 11 years 8 months, and now virtually blind through late-onset hereditary cataracts but is still a bright, happy and active little boy.

Let's see yours!
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