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Default Re: Belfast / Northern Ireland breeders?

Shannonmcm i live about 10 mins from lisburn yes I will send you through the details no problem. It is about 5/10 mins outside of lisburn. I agree with you that it is important to support local independent good pet shops. So glad that you all have replied on this thread as I only have recently got back to hamster owning again totally random but so glad I did! I absolutely love them and after all the research etc am really interested and kean on breeding them perhaps in the future. Atm I am still living at home with my parents so like you shannonmcm when I get my own place and get settled its definitely something Id like to do. I would have to research loads into the breeding and genetics. I find it fascinating. My mum thinks I'm crazy lol. After all the research I'm just so eager to promote hamster breeding in NI again. It's really nice idea to adopt from p@h I never would have thought of that but for me I was a bit dubious in getting my hammy from there as I had heard some bad stories from people. Also because p@h don't really know that much about them or their sex (I could be wrong about this) Also I think it's really sad because they bring them all in from the mainland and I do think it's a big farm they come from. In saying that shannonmcm i think it's a great idea to give the ones left a loving home and I would consider that in the future. Can't believe that Elsa was left she is beautiful. A silver grey is going to be my next hamster . For me I went to this lady and would support her because i thought it was my last option and she does such a great job and there are no independents that do hamsters any more and seeing as I'm new to hammys again I wanted a fairly tame one.

Yes Phoenix ashes hamstery moved to Poland. It's funny cos up until a few weeks ago I knew nothing about any of this lol but have become a bit fanatical now. There was another place outside lisburn called radio hams hamstery and I contacted them but they have stopped also although the lady did say that she may start up again in the future. But when she does she will source from a breeder in England and bring them over. England/Scotland/Wales sounds so cool, they have hamster clubs and everything. I would love to go but then I'd come home with lots of hammys! I couldn't believe it but I found online that we used to have a hamster club in kilkeel!

Sorry rant over lol. Just so glad that there are others here who feel the same way as me about the lack of breeders here. Just seems that hamsters are not as popular here anymore and I totally agree with you Nancy's hamsters that we should be supplying our own pet shops with hammys. But I also know that it is hard work and need a lot of time and experience to do it. Then I would worry what kind of homes they all got lol.
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