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Default Re: Belfast / Northern Ireland breeders?

I can't find one in Dublin either. I know there are breeders but they seem to supply the pet shops. Having said that the Petstop at Blanchardstown Mall is pretty good-- stocking the large cages right there and using valuable shelf space to do it (although they have a few of the crummy ones with lots of tubes; I imagine that's popular demand). They used to have fluffy bedding but the last time I was in I think they at least stopped using it for their own "stock". The Hammies for sale have a few toys in the cages in addition to the wheels-- I've seen toilet rolls which is thoughtful imo! and I've heard they are handled. They don't always have Hamsters, only now and again, so the source is not overly prolific. It's still a pet shop not a charity but I suspect someone decent is in charge of the small animals there. You could give them a ring to see if they have any and come on down.

Unless you want to take up Nancy's suggestion!
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