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Default Re: Belfast / Northern Ireland breeders?

I'm in the Lisburn/Belfast area too if you wouldn't mind saying what pet shop it was you got them from? If it's a reputable operation I'd like to support it, I have resigned myself to always rescuing from the p@h adoption section, which I LOVE doing don't get me wrong but I'd like to look at other options.

I know there used to be a breeder in NI but they moved, I have searched everywhere online I can think of and can't even really find any hobby breeders in the south, not with any real online presence anyway. I have thought to myself that the province could do with at least one decent hamstery, maybe in 5-6 years when I'm settled, all researched up and not renting accommodation anymore I could look into importing some great animals from the mainland and trying it but I wish someone else would take that step first
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