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Default Re: Belfast / Northern Ireland breeders?

Hi nyxietrixx,
I too am from NI not far from Belfast and about 8/9 weeks ago I wanted to get another hammy after not having one for years. I really wanted a male golden but literally could not find anywhere and after lots of research because I too wanted to get from a reputable breeder of which I soon found out there are none. I phoned, emailed and contacted everyone who used to breed. I've only joined hamster central fairly recently and you've prob already figured this out by now. If you are looking for any more in the future let me know, one ex breeder put me in touch with a pet shop in Belfast and I came home with fudge a beautiful golden banded Syrian of about 3-4 months old. She looks after very well. She gets them in from somewhere (she did say and I have never heard of this place- sounds a bit like a farm that breeds which doesn't sound so good 😕 but from what she said it is not like that sort of a place). She gets when they are 4 weeks so they are as good as her raring them and therefore they are very tame and very healthy little hamsters. I was very pleased to find this pet shop. You can tell she really cares about her animals.
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