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Default The Cats - Rommy and Gemini

When I met my partner it was made quite clear that if the cat didn't like me, I'd be gone XD At first I thought he was joking... Now I'm not so sure... Anyway, thankfully, I did get on well with Rommy, his three year old absolutely gorgeous Maine Coon. She mostly glares at me or ignores me when my partner is home but I get cuddles when he's out. Sometimes... I occasionally, on special occasions, get purrs from her.

This is Rommy being unusually cuddly the other day. I'll post some more picks of her when my charger for my old laptop arrives, most of my pics of her and Gem are on there.

And then there's Gemini... She's my baby. We got her from the RSPCA when she was a teeny tiny kitten. She had come from a multi animal household along with her brother and had been fostered by the local RSPCA Inspector. It took Rommy a while to get used to her but now they play, sometimes sleep together and what have you. Rommy will often groom Gem, wrapping her front legs around her to keep her still if she tries to get away lol. Poor little GemGem is a bit stupid though. To the point that we now call her Stoopids. I'll share some stories of her stupidity at some point!

Here's a pic of Gem (I'll post more of her when I get my new laptop charger).

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