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Default Re: Cage Advise for Dwarf

That is strange Amazon sending you a cage and not taking payment for it? Or they took payment for one cage and dispatched the second one without realising? Check your bank statements to make sure. Would be good if you ended up with a freebie cage!!!

Shops like Poundland and Lidl sell the long tissue boxes for 1.00 and under. Chubs currently has a Tesco value tissue box! I remove the hankies and open one end of the box and cut a hole in the other end at the front and turn the box upside down so the round opening at the top becomes the bottom, although I cut more of the cardboard away to make the hole bigger. Chubs has also made another hole at the back!

He loves chewing the cardboard and he sleeps in there 99% of the time. The shavings are below so he can dig down into them. During the warmer weather, you don`t need to add too much nesting, just a small handful really. They are cosy in wintertime. Cheap to replace too, especially when you have a runny nose, the tissues come in handy! x
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