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Thumbs up Large Deluxe Rat Cage - Quality Cage

For my Syrian hamsters, I use Quality Cage's Large Deluxe Rat Cage, the collapsible version, Model: RT-1824C.

Description from site:
The collapsible version of the Large Deluxe Rat Home, saves on shipping. When fully assembled, the body of the cage is 24"w x 18"d x 18"h, made of " x 1", 16 gauge wire. The 5" wide ramp is made of easy-on-tiny feet " x " wire, and there is a 10" x 18" sheet metal balcony; both have been powder coated for durability. It has a large 10" x 10" door, and an attached handle. The body of the cage attaches securely to a 3" high, powder-coated metal tray. A Phillips screwdriver is all that is needed for assembly. Shipped collapsed. The cage itself is galvanized, bu the balcony, ramp and pan are silver veined, powder coated.

Minimum Needs Setup
I put access to the water bottles, each cage gets 2, one for back up, on the top. I use an 8.5" comfort wheel, zip tied to the side of the cage above the balcony. On the bottom I use about 3 cups of Good Mews (paper pellet), cover that with newspaper and then use large cardboard tubes and hides. I cover all of that with shredded newspaper. Because of how I layer it, nothing gets spilled out of the pan.

I like this cage because it is a good size. The hamster has unrestricted access to their water bottle and wheel (the bedding doesn't get caught up in it). It provides good ventilation but also some "burrowing." The bedding doesn't get kicked out. I like that the hamster is that with the exception of the ramp is on solid flooring.

Cage Integrity:
The cage is all metal construction, so no plastic bits to chew on.

The edges are all smooth, so nothing to get cut on (you or your hammie).

The galvanized cages haven't rusted. I use very hot water when scrubbing it and it dries quickly. Since the surfaces that the hamsters are on are all powder coated, rusting isn't an issue.

The cage is also safe. If you own other pets, such as dogs or cats, that could "knock" the cage off of something, the cage just doesn't fall apart or break as others might. The cage is safe for the pet inside and safe against intruders from outside.

Cleaning and Setup:
This cage is very easy to clean as it is a drop in pan. The cage is collapsible but only when the balcony is not in place. It is easy to assemble, with minimal tools.

Cage Versatility:
This cage is good for more types of animals than just hamsters. A pair of adult gerbils or a pair of rats will also do well in this cage size.

This cage is also expandable. RT-24 Addition PC-White for RT-1224PC-WHI or RT-1824PC-WHI [RT-24 Addition PC-WHI] - $67.60 : Quality Cage Company

Transport and Storage:
The cage is collapsible so you can remove the balcony and ramp and fold it all up inside the pan. This makes for easy transport and storage.

There are only two bad things I can think of that this cage has.

1) It is so well made that it is heavy to ship. I live 35 minutes from the company's showroom so that isn't a problem for me. But if you live outside the US, it does make it a bit more costly.

2) It isn't a "cute" cage. But I tell people, you look at it for a lot shorter time than the animal that has to live in it 24/7.

3) Some may consider cost a con, however due to the versatility of this cage, I don't feel that is a factor. But I'll list it here anyway.

I think that is about it. Feel free to ask me anything about it.
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