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Default Re: Romeo's Cage/Tank - Gabry 50 Gerbilarium - P @ H cage

Nice revue Mweekie. I don`t understand these gerbilariums being suitable for even ONE dwarf hamster as the ladders are unsafe (not solid), the space/size is cramped and the bars on the topper are too wide for smaller hamsters not to escape from. Even mice could escape from this!

Overpriced for what it is, you could buy a Zoozone 1 for much the same price without the negatives. Some may argue that it`s okay for one gerbil or one dwarf hamster or a pair of mice, but there are far better (and safer) alternatives on the market. I wouldn`t waste money on this. x

By the way, you can use small cable-ties to attach loose ladders or shelving.
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