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Default Romeo's Cage/Tank - Gabry 50 Gerbilarium - P @ H cage

Seeing as I've now found out about the cage/tank that I was given when I got Romeo, I thought I would do a review on it....although I think there will be more cons than pros unfortunately...but here goes.


1) You can get a decent amount of woodshavings in the glass tank part, so Romeo can do a lot of burying if he wants too (although his Mum never put more than an inch of woodshavings in the tank - but she did put in a nice amount of hay which is nice).

2) Might make a good hospital/holiday tank if going away for a few days.


1) WAAAYYY too small for a full size adult Syrian and most probably too small for dwarf species (possibly OK for Robo's - if it wasn't for wire sizing).

2) The ramp/ladder manages to come out from the holes the hooks are meant to go into. I am forever re-setting it back in Romeo's tank.

3) The metal things which the clips are meant to hold on to are either too easy to lose or the clips don't hold onto them. One is currently missing from Romeo's tank - and I am surprised that Romeo never escaped at their house because he easily could have. Not so easy at mine because there is only 1cm gap between the roof of the tank and my suspended cupboard and the tank sits on top of a wooden vivarium.

4) The metal platform bends far too easily, especially where the ramp area is.

5) No room to put toys like wheels etc. anywhere in the tank. The metal platform only covers about half the cage length and most of that is where the food bowl is.

As I said, the cons far outweigh the pros on this tank. Especially at the price it cost the Mum to get it - 50.

I'm not normally a person who critics things, but this cage/tank I really thought I had to just so people don't buy this by mistake. I went into P@H the other day and when I looked at the unopened tank it said it could fit 1 Syrian or 3 gerbils....need I say more! lol

If you want a picture - I have posted the shop link below.

Mweekie xx
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