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Default Playpen - how to make a Correx playpen

For a long time now i've wanted to make a playpen to better free range my hamsters and mice, but I was never really sure how to do it.

*insert lengthy "ideas I had" paragraph here*

Long story short, a girl on the rattie forum made a playpen out of coroplast, shared the idea with the rest of us, and we all followed suit :P

I bought 10 sheets of coroplast, and this pen only uses six, so I can always make it bigger if I feel the need!

atm it's 5ft long and 2.5ft wide [it's also really shiny and drives the dog mental]

binder clips. They were slightly more expensive than the plain black ones, and you got less of them, but they came in assorted patterns

Pip used it first, because she tends to be the first to wake up.

Then Callum.

Contrary to my assumptions, it was Callum who (eventually) tried to dig his way out I really thought Pip would hate it.

but after hearing about how his sister, Toffee, reacted to her new playpen, I really should have seen it coming Still, he genuinely enjoyed it for over half an hour. after that i got in with him and he was okay again.

i'll just have to add more stuff and make it really FUN.

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