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Sorry for all the threads, I've just so much to say and so many questions to ask!

Yesterday I had a rather huge freak out thinking Pikachu my little 7 week old Syrian boy (whom I've had since last Tuesday and is my first Hamster!) hated me, because I made him jump. Thanks to all of you that made me feel better, today I gathered the courage to try the bath taming method!

I put his ball up to his cage, without any treats inside this time. He must have remembered being in it yesterday, as he jumped right in with no persuasion! I let him run around my room for about two mins, then went to my readily set up bath with towel..

I changed the door on the ball, as there's a solid door and a door with gaps which lets them climb out whenever they like if it's on the stand.. and he came out instantly.

I spent half an hour with him sitting in the bath! He was a bit shy, but he was climbing all over my legs (I was wearing PJ bottoms for his first go, as I felt bare skin would have been more intimidating.) and he even half sat on my hand eating a piece of cucumber.

I scooped him up a few times, he was uncertain about it... but didn't seem terrified. He did a backflip out of my hands on two of the scoopings.. I wasn't holding him high up though as I assumed he would want out pretty quickly so he's fine! And he was still going up to my hands after, so I know he wasn't mad!

I was holding my hands up to him, occasionally stroking him. He quickly turnt around towards my hands again today.. but I didn't flinch! So it's confirmed he just wanted to sniff me, not bite me yesterday! I'm proud of myself for not assuming he worst, he seemed much happier about my hand being near him after sniffing it!

When he went back to his ball, I decided to pick it up and lay my legs out, and place him on my waist. He came right out, and went straight up my torso to my face! He didn't even jump when I started talking to him. He was tickling me so I was giggling a little, and he really seemed to like sniffing about in my hair! He fell down my back after that, but he wasn't hurt as he sort of slid down! We did this twice, and it went the same both times!

He's still a bit skittish/shy and easily startled, but we're making progress very rapidly these past few days! I can't wait to try again tomorrow, if he's been so accepting today tomorrow should be really good! I think he'll be sitting in my hands in no time!

I'm so thankful for Hamster Central! You've all helped me so much with your advice, information and general kindness! Thank you all!

I can't stop smiling!

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