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Default Re: Really happy! Progress with my Pikachu!

Originally Posted by Skeever View Post
Ziggy bit me once, but he wasn't even biting me, since he couldn't see me. He was dragging litter into his wheel nest. I was supplying more tissue. And from his point of view? A wall of tissue kept moving in on him and probably even pushed him. He bit it. And me.

Hard to forget a deep Syrian bite, since its razor sharp, bleeds and goes deep. Feels like it hit bone. It's a vivid memory! Also, its a normal reaction when someone suddenly flinches, to flinch as well, so theres the OMG I you scared me scaring you scaring me .....contagious flinch, time in seven months, and an accident at that? Impressive beasts for something so tiny. I've had dog bites less memorable...LOL.
Haha yes! Luckily he was in his house so I don't think he was that upset about the ordeal due to feeling safe in his home, but I did flinch quite badly which did like you said, dominoes! Bit it was horrid! It's something I will remember for a long time, where it went so deep it's still hurting when I lift things as its still healing! Very impressive for such a little thing indeed!!!
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