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Default Re: Really happy! Progress with my Pikachu!

Originally Posted by LadyPikachu View Post
He sure is!

He's about 7 weeks old now, got him at 6 weeks old!

I didn't realise how big Syrians are as I have never had a hamster only ever seen my friends ones when I was like 13 and they'd always be hiding away, so when I bought him I was actually quite surprised.. but also pleased! I was worried about having something tiny!
7 weeks. Gaaah, i want to just squeeze him!

Yeah, I have had Hammy for 2 months now. He's also a Syrian and when we picked him up he was so small i was scared i was going to hurt him if i picked him up. Needless to say now he has quite a podge and hes grown to be a big boy.

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