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Exclamation Heat help

Hello!! I just got my new hammy today (3 month old male syrian named boots) and it happens to be around 35+ degrees Celsius right now where I am and I saw him on his back in a corner where he cleared out the bedding; his breathing is fine and when I woke him up he just walked around his cage no problem. But I do think it is because of the heat and my house is quite hot which doesn't help. I don't have air conditioning and all I have are a few fans that don't do that much to the overall temperature. Is there any way I could cool down the cage? I moved him downstairs where it's a bit cooler but I'm not allowed to have him there all the time. And YES I KNOW NOT TO GET A HAMSTER WET, I just don't know how I could cool poor boots down on hot days like this

-note- this is the hottest summer we've had here and my four past hamsters have all been fine in the summer so that is why I'm coming here asking for help, also- it is still the first day so maybe he has always slept like that, I still have lots to learn about him!! But it still is very hot and I need ways to keep him cool.

Please help!!
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