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Default Three Russian Campbell Hybrids

Location: New Albany, IN (Sometimes Louisville, KY)
Kind of hamster(s): Blue dwarfs, most likely a mix of Russian Campbells and Winter White
Hamster age(s): Rocky(mom) is three months at least, two boys are five weeks
Reason they were abandoned? The lady who had Rocky did not want little hamsters
Any health problems/special needs? They can become diabetic
Any behavioral problems? Rocky is a bit nippy and territorial, boys seem fine

Type of household hamster would best be suited to: Boys can go to any household, Rocky should go with someone who has had experience with dwarfs
Link to rescue facility: (if none leave blank)
For more information send PM on forum? Yes
For more information send email to:

Rockys Babies Photos by izedailawliet | Photobucket Gallery with the babies

Little Dwarf Photos by izedailawliet | Photobucket Gallery with Rocky
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