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Default Re: PLEASE help. I can't take much more.

I had a monster chewer and no matter what I tried, eventually it came down to moving her into a glass tank or giving her away. I could not live with the noise at night.

I would be wary of putting a Ham that loves to chew into a plastic tank as they can still make a remarkable amount of noise chewing on the plastic... as I found out! A cheap bin to test how noisy she is in that kind of environment (and check for mad plastic chewing tendencies!) seems like a sensible plan though.

Sally-the-monster didn't seem to appreciate her tank at first, but she's settled in fine now so if you give moving your girl a go then make sure you give enough opportunity for her to discover that her new cage is still a nice place to be... they do take a while to feel like a new space is home!
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