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Thumbs up For Sale, My Habitrail Set Up- Big!

Hello, I got my hammy with my girlfriend, who since then has split up and taken the hamster! Yes, not too happy but I said she could not take the cage and the set up because I bought them and they cost a lot!


I bought the main pod, but then bought another pod and eventually bought the attic pod, all official habitrail and all rather expensive. I also have 2 room type things that have the food go on top, the official habitrail wheel, 2 small habitrail pod and another larger one. I have the water dispenser (but I don't think it is very good so I use an alternative). Also have a silent spinner, a wooden house, couple of bowls used for bathing, 2 small outside balls, 1 large outside ball with a stand, a lead. Then other bits and bobs like treats, big bag of sawdust, food, etc etc

Spent upwards of 150 for the set up and it is roomy enough for 4 hamsters I would say.

I am looking for 50 for this in total just to get it gone, don't want to stick it on ebay I would rather sell it to someone commited!

In the Ashford area, TN24. Any questions please ask!

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